Tuesday, July 19, 2011

aldo holiday campaign winter 2011

aldo's holiday ad campaign has been revealed. shot by terry richardson–everyone's favourite creepy uncle–the shots feature model lily donaldson donning some highly covetable shoes and tights. the sparkly star tights would add a dollop of whimsy to any outfit, while both the two-tone platforms, and the sparkly wedgey-heels would be perfect for, oh, a trip to price chopper (pricechopper.ca).

ukamaku closet sale

yup. this is where i'll be on july 26th. the site carries a bunch of up-and-coming canuck designers, a number of whom i saw at FAT alternative fashion week. labels i'm most excited about include breeyn mccarney (breeyn.com), caitlin power (caitlinpower.com), OR by angela chen (orangenyc.com), and, heart's pumping faster now, heidi ackerman, a true fashion maverick (heidiackerman.com).


parkdale is my new home. i've been here for about two weeks now, but i can barely recall my old digs in the village. here there's a real neighbourhood feel and a true sense of community that i didn't quite catch at church 'n' wells. oh, and there are wonderful shops and caf├ęs left, right and centre.

here are some of my faves:

the future of frances watson. their spring look book incorporated pj harvey lyrics: "look at these my work strong arms/look at these my ruby red lips." what else can i say?! (thefutureoffranceswatson.blogspot.com)

the boreal gelato company. i wrote about them for torontolife.com. lovely owner who's oh-so-keen on the 'hood and the environment. oh, and there's scrumptious gelato! (borealgelato.ca)

capital espresso. this uber-popular joint has huge windows overlooking the main strip, and had delectable muffins that are quickly wolfed down by patrons. go early. (twitter.com/#!/capitalspro)

the public butter. vintage (and other) shop with tons of stuff to work your way through. huge sunglasses selection. good fun. (thepublicbutter.com)

the mascot. great staff who'll offer you delicious chocolate samples when the mood strikes. quirky furniture and curiosities. good magazine selection. jeremy laing spotting.

house of vintage. fantastic vintage emporium. excellent finds–including big labels–for superb prices. (houseofvintage-toronto.blogspot.com)

the blue mesh dress

i finally, finally! got a part-time job at the wonderful mia boutique in the junction, filled to the brim with standout pieces from big names like D&G, Prada, and Burberry that are offered at incredibly affordable prices (mia-boutique.com). Sounds pretty dangerous–I'm slightly concerned!

anyways, to celebrate i ran off to american apparel to purchase a celebratory garment: the blue mesh dress (americanapparel.com). it was between the dress and a sheer hunter green skirt; the dress, however, is far more versatile and can act as a floor-length piece, a short dress with a tied waist, a low-cut dress/shirt, and so on, and can be worn in both summer and winter, depending on what it's paired with. i'm infatuated with it and have already donned it twice, with plans to re-kindle our relationship tomorrow morn! i'll have to be careful not to overdo it, as i am wont to do...

i was reminded of jeremy laing's summer collection...i think he would approve...(jeremylaing.com)

Monday, May 30, 2011

melissa patchuli wedge

while up at yonge and eg scouting a store, i stopped into a shoe place and these puppies caught my eye. vibrant cobalt blue wedges made from seamless plastic with a peep toe and an ankle strap? yes please. wedges are perfect for stomping around town in - or biking in - and these ones are padded inside for extra comfort. i do wonder how they would wear in the sun though... pain or not, they're a refreshing take on a summer wedge.

mr. mcqueen

my internship at the magazine has ended (though i'm doing a touch of freelancing for them at this moment in time) and as a bit of a ta, i received the wonderful lee mcqueen tome, savage beauty, which is filled with images of his most ambitious, stunning, iconic, fascinating pieces. perfection. oh how i wish to get to new york to see the met's exhibit. time's a ticking and i think it shall pass me by......

Friday, May 20, 2011

brethren by evan biddell

i popped into upc boutique in yorkville yesterday to check out biddell's new (and more affordable) collection, brethren, which saw its debut the night before. much of it had already been snapped up by hogtown's resident biddellites; the remnants included two trains of thought which didn't seem to be particularly connected. slouchy, gothy, urban pieces with shredding and sheer panels were spotted next to far more polite dresses that gave off a 50s vibe. to me they seemed to belong to two different collections; both however were equally as seductive. grey racerback dresses with sheer black edging had an alexander wangish feel, while tops which saw sheer bits extend into a skirt made me long to throw on some high-waisted panties and hit the town. a bronze crinkly dress with a nipped-in waist and an oh-so-high hem would bring a bit of edge to an afternoon cocktail fling. i was slightly put off by the finishing on one garment (a bit of a wobbly stitch), but overall i quite liked what biddell had to offer.